30 Day Business Builder Book for Network Marketing Professionals: How to totally transform your business by completing 30 daily assignments focusing … necessary to skyrocket your career.

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These 30 Daily Assignments are proven to take your business to a whole new level! They developed as a result of working with Network Marketers in two consecutive 30 Day Accountability Groups on Facebook. This book has now become available to the Network Marketing Community worldwide. You will begin this workbook by really working on your WHY, no really, be ready for the emotions to truly kick in. The assignments then start with building your list, showing you how to grow it by 500%+ and then each day you will work on piquing interest, developing rapport, using 3rd Party Tools and 3 way calls. The assignments in this workbook help you follow up correctly, ask for the order, deal with rejection, and receive more referrals than you could ever imagine possible. Once you complete these assignments and plug your entire team into the same system, your life will be changed forever.