Insanely Effective Network and Multi-Level Marketing for Introverts on Social Media: Learn How to Build an MLM Business to Success by the Top Leaders in the Field and Why You Need to Start Right Now!

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If you want to build a successful multi-level marketing (MLM)/network marketing business, then keep reading….

Do you have problems promoting your products and events? Choosing the right company? Mastering your mindset for growth? Or leading your team effectively? If you do, within this book some of the top leaders in the field have shared their knowledge on how to overcome these problems and more, most of which have 10+ years’ worth of experience.

In this definitive guidebook, you will be taught:

  • The one method you should do to gain more prospects.
  • The single most powerful strategy you can do to convert more prospects into either customers or distributors.
  • Why creating a strong follow-up system and building an effective downline can actually save you time and help you earn more.
  • How a particular approach can help you handle rejection like a pro.
  • Understanding why some people will not make money.
  • And much, much more.

The proven methods and pieces of knowledge within this book are so easy to follow. Even if you’ve never heard or MLM/network marketing before, you will still be able to get to a high level of success.

Would you like to know more?

Download now if you want to live your dream lifestyle and build a business you can be proud of.

The Essentials: Everything Women Need to Know to Make It as a Network Marketer

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Secrets of Successful Female Network Marketers

Less than one percent of network marketers earn million-dollar residual income. What’s the secret? What are they doing differently than those earning a few hundred bucks a month?

In The Essentials: Everything Women Need to Know to Make It as a Network Marketer, successful multi-level marketer Kacie Vaudrey blows up every misconception about what it takes to achieve network marketing success. As a busy mom and former college professor, Kacie built her business on the side while undergoing invasive cancer treatment. If she can make it as a network marketer, so can you! 

In The Essentials, Kacie gives you a simple system to build the business you want to build. No fluff, no hype—just the essentials you need to generate the residual income that got you into this business in the first place. Kacie will help you surround yourself with good people who believe in the product as much as you do, and together, you’ll blow up your industry. The Essentials also shows you how to:

  • Choose the best MLM company to set up success

  • Answer “What is network marketing all about?” (hint: not yachts!)

  • Earn your first thousand dollars while working nine-to-five

  • Learn the Five to Eight Rule—Kacie’s personal MLM lead generator

  • Schedule money-making activities so you stop wasting time on social media

  • Find better builders who want this as much as you do

  • Keep your MLM customers happy and buying for decades

  • Be authentic and speak sincerely online so people engage

  • Keep motivation up when sales slow

  • Manage your business like a girl boss

Whether you’re new to network marketing or have direct sales experience, The Essentials gives you practical, easy-to-follow steps, tips, and processes to build a top network marketing company without sacrificing family time, going into debt, or becoming someone you’re not. Get ready to design your schedule, choose your paycheck, and spend your life with the people you love!

Publisher‏:‎Kacie Vaudrey LLC (29 Nov. 2019)
Hardcover‏:‎144 pages
Dimensions‏:‎15.24 x 1.27 x 22.86 cm

90 Day Blitz Network Marketing Journal with Prompts 8 x 10 Lined Paper: Network marketing success tracker & motivation

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Working your business in 90-day blitzes can help you reach all new heights.

Using this journal yourself gets good results, but using this journal with your team gets great results.

Take your network marketing business to the new level with your whole team working their daily method of operation.

8×10 lined paper with prompts to inspire you to do your best and forget the rest.

Publisher‏:‎Independently published (14 Mar. 2021)
Paperback‏:‎90 pages
Dimensions‏:‎20.32 x 0.53 x 25.4 cm

La Biblia del Network Marketing 3.0 (Spanish Edition)

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Responde estas preguntas:
Dentro de cuatro años, ¿cuántos ingresos mensuales tendría que generar su empresa para que usted piense que es un éxito?

¿Cuáles son sus diez mejores razones para hacer mercadeo en red?

  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________

Ahora que ha descubierto sus razones para iniciar un negocio, es hora de encontrar la visión y las herramientas que lo motivarán.

Es posible que esté bastante satisfecho con su trabajo y estilo de vida actuales. Si esto lo describe a usted, su plan podría ser agregarlo a sus ingresos actuales.

Sin embargo, si está tratando de construir un negocio de mercadeo en red para moldear considerablemente su vida y vivir a lo grande, su plan será un poco diferente.

Una visualización que lo aliente a tener éxito debe respetar sus principios vitales y su pensamiento positivo.

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2021 Network Marketing Planner Rose Gold Leopard Print | MLM | Direct Selling

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Please note: This colour planner is a defective planner. The cover is white and on some copies, small amounts of the rose gold is missing. It does not affect the planners content in any way and is only very slightly cosmetic. Due to this these planners offered for sale did not pass our quality checks.


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The number one reason why people fail in Network Marketing is due to the lack of consistency. WHY? because they over complicate & overthink what they have to do on a daily basis which just leads to procrastination. They have a DMO that comprises of 50 to 100 things and then get frustrated when they get to the end of the day and see that they haven’t even ticked off half of it. Sound familiar…?

Well a solution comes from the author that brought you the Network Marketing Masterclass, Ross Kumrou has added this incredibly simple but effective DMO Planner for Network Marketers as a latest edition to the NWMC series. This is a planner that structures the key fundamentals to building a Network Marketing business based on Ross ‘MAPS’ to success formula. Putting them into an easy to manage daily checklist so you can take action and actually complete your daily DMO.

Along the way you’ll also be encouraged to take on Ross’ ultimate 10 day challenges to help you go from a procrastinator to an action taker.

If you like structure and simplicity then this is a must have DMO planner with the added bonus of a ready made content calendar, weekly to do lists & sections available to evaluate your actions and results you’ll have everything you need to help you stay accountable to your Network Marketing business on a daily basis.

Publisher‏:‎Independently published (29 May 2021)
Paperback‏:‎95 pages
Dimensions‏:‎16.99 x 0.56 x 24.41 cm

Momentum Makers: Over 100 Network Marketing Succcess Tips From 24 Average People Who Made It BIG!

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Whether you’re a Network Marketing “newbie” or a seasoned professional, the stories in this book will speak to you. Each motivating and compelling story will push you to accomplish your dreams!

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation, you will find it in this book. Each story gives you insight into how leaders think and act differently to get bigger and better results. The growing stage of Network Marketing is the critical stage of Network Marketing. This is when people quit! If you are looking for motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and not give up, this book will prove your dreams are possible! It will provide you with countless ideas and over 100 tips on how to grow your network marketing business. These are real stories, real people with real concerns, real challenges, and real inner demons. When you hear about their journey, you’ll be inspired to learn how ordinary people can do extraordinary things by managing their habits and practices. Your success is directly correlated to how quickly you can accelerate your level of personal development. Save yourself years of struggling through a learning curve and learn from these outstanding stories and testimonials! 

Publisher:Authors Place Press; Illustrated edition (13 Oct. 2020)
Paperback:196 pages
Dimensions:15.24 x 1.14 x 22.86 cm

How to Get Appointments Without Rejection: Fill Our Calendars with Network Marketing Prospects

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Fear? Sweaty palms? Don’t know what to say? Afraid of how others will react?

Why do we avoid setting appointments? Our self-image says to us, “Don’t take a chance.”

Motivation alone won’t fix this. Our minds will come up with excuses not to set the appointment.

Our sponsor yells at us, “Face the fear, and the fear will go away.” Sounds easy to say, but to do? Not as easy.

Appointments are part of our business. We must fix this problem. We will have to make setting appointments enjoyable. Then, our brains will work for us instead of against us.

How can we make setting appointments enjoyable? First, we will learn to make appointments a passion, something we look forward to. And second? We will learn the exact words to say to avoid rejection and to reduce tension with our prospects.

Let’s face it. No one wants to be a pushy salesperson. We want to be a welcome addition to other people’s lives. We can do this by following certain principles such as being brief, getting to the point, making it all about our prospects, and presenting our offer as a way of improving their lives.

No more fear. No more feeling guilty. Instead, let’s turn our negative feelings into positive momentum to get appointments fast. We want to enjoy every moment of our business.

Get more appointments now. Purchase your copy right away.

From Zero To Hero: How To Make Money In Your First Year Of Network Marketing With A Proven 8 Step System

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Here’s a special message for every Network Marketer who needs to build their business, but hasn’t nailed the duplication part yet…

If you want to succeed with network marketing, then pay very close attention!

Many Network marketers mistakenly believe they’ll get rich overnight, with little effort and it will be easy…

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Introducing “From Zero To Hero” – a breakthrough new network marketing book that helps you*

  • Replace your full time income using PROVEN steps in your home based business
  • Use this step by step system to create duplication in your team
  • Know exactly what to do in your network marketing business
  • Realise that not only is this a tool for your own professional development, but it becomes a coaching tool for your newest business partners

    If you and your team follow these steps it will make your business more automated and you can always refer back to it when doing coaching and training, which means you can use more of your time to prospect new contacts…. and more!

    Now you never have to deal with not knowing what to do again! This means no more fear of failure and doing it wrong [which often causes people to freeze and stop taking action in their business]That can often put people off sticking with the business long enough to experience success. Not any more.

    And best of all… you’ll start seeing results with “From Zero To Hero” from day one.

    So if you’re a new network marketer who wants to build a good team, keep these three facts in mind:

    * When people join a network marketing business they think they can do it, they think they will manage, but very quickly they realise, even though this is a simple business, it’s not an easy business to do. Having this book takes the guesswork out, it’s a straightforward guide of what to do and when to do it.

    * The world is growing online more and more rapidly than ever – traditional business is moving online, traditional jobs no longer hold the safety and security they used to. You cannot guarantee your job will still be available tomorrow! Use this book to assist your journey in becoming a network marketing professional.

    * Take action now – you are here because you are looking for something new, the next level…

    You already know what hasn’t worked for you, it’s time to find out how to leverage an online home-based business using the network marketing industry. Our industry does $200 Billion per year; that’s bigger than the NFL, Music Industry, Movie Industry, and Gaming Industry. It’s time you got a piece of that pie!

    “From Zero To Hero” from Christopher Peacock holds the key to your success with network marketing.

Publisher:Independently published (6 Oct. 2020)
Paperback:181 pages
Dimensions:15.24 x 1.04 x 22.86 cm

Breaking the Brain Code: Easy Lessons for Your Network Marketing Career

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Will pressing the elevator button three times put it into “faster mode?” Did we break the secret elevator code? No.

We all look for ways to break the “hidden codes” in our lives. Why? To better understand our world. Or maybe to discover shortcuts.

It is the same when we try to understand our brains and the brains of our prospects. We wonder:

* Why does my brain work against me?

* What is my brain doing while I am not paying attention?

* How do I break through the irrational defenses of my prospects?

* What can I say to get through to prejudiced prospects?

* Can I do something to change other people’s minds?

* How can I understand my own irrational brain?

It is hard to play the game if we don’t know the rules.

Our brains operate in strange ways, but many of these quirks are consistent. We can learn some of these special brain rules and work with them. If we don’t, we’ll simply walk away muttering, “I just don’t get it. Nothing makes sense.”

So instead of cursing the darkness, enjoy learning new and better ways to understand how we and our prospects think and act. We will smile as we learn how to deal with the 3-pound challenges inside our skulls.

And the bonus? We will recognize these irrational brain rules as they play out in real life. With knowledge comes power.

Order your copy now!

Publisher:Fortune Network Publishing (16 May 2021)
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