Dance Courtship of Network Marketing Prospects

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In this ebook, ex-school teacher who decided to go into online business and in her journey to become a successful entrepreneur, she learnt marketing skills from her mentors, internet and marketing books. She is mainly influenced by her Mentor, Winston Yap who has published a number of ebooks in amazon.

This book teaches you perfect dance moves to court your network marketing prospects.

In this book you will learn what truly works when courting your network marketing prospects.

The importance of managing the list of prospects
How to sell effectively
The need to recruit Quality Distributors
The need to have effective interactions with your prospects
The importance of a GREAT MARKETING PLAN
Use impressive Marketing Techniques
Let people look for you, not you looking for prospects
To have a power TURNKEY System
Two-minutes Power stories to attract attention and hold it

If you are ready for a change for the better in your online business and by getting more and better prospects, this book is a must-read.

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