First Aid for Your Frontline: How To Survive the First 90 Days In Network Marketing

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The book was born from a long series of lectures on network marketing in the nineties, where many would buy a copy of the compendium. This book was first published in Norway in 1998, and is used by independent distributors in most network companies in Norway and Scandinavia “I was first introduced to network marketing in 1989. In a hotel room in a small town in rural Norway, I saw these circles for the first time as they were drawn out on a piece of paper in front of me, and the opportunity of passive income hit home with an amazing clarity. I was totally infected by the “network bug.” Since then, I have done all the mistakes that are possible to make in this business. And some of them, I have even made more than once … But this is a guild to be developed, and now YOU won’t have to make the same mistakes I did.