From HELLO To YES in 3 Minutes or LESS: How to Overcome Call Reluctance, Know Exactly What to Say and Deal with Rejection when using the telephone as a Network Marketing Professional

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“When I pick up the phone, I just freeze.” “I don’t know what to say, I get all nervous and just throw up all over them.” “I am afraid of calling my friends, what if they get upset at me? What if they say no? What if they get upset at me for trying to sell them something?” “I am not a salesperson.” “I am terrified of them saying no.” “I can’t handle rejection.” Any of the above “Ring a bell?” (Forgive the pun!) Not to worry, you have exactly what you need in your hands right here, right now. Paul G Walmsley helps network marketing professionals who are struggling to overcome telephone call reluctance, who wonder exactly what to say and those who are afraid of rejection by using his simple mantra, “From Hello to YES in 3 Minutes or LESS.” Paul outlines just how to game plan for each call, master The 4 Chords and employ his 4 Mantras. Throughout his system he introduces, explains and demonstrates simple formulas to utilize that will help the telephone calls go smoothly. As a result of implementing Paul’s ideas, network marketers no longer feel their telephone weighs 300lbs. They don’t stare at their list of prospects in abject fear because they know exactly what to say on each telephone call and they in fact welcome objections and rejection because they make the calls more fun!