How to Prospect and Recruit using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business: The Low cost Prospecting and Recruiting Tool that Out Performs Online Methods

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Fed up not having quality leads? Are you in a MLM company you love, but just can’t find REAL prospects to talk to? Tried ‘online’ leads but found you just wasted your time and money? Many networkers are well past the ‘warm market’ stage, and are struggling to find success. It seems the entire world has gone online and the problem that networkers face is sticking out in an ever increasing ocean of websites, mobile apps, opt-in forms, blog posts, Facebook Likes, Youtube movies and Tweets. It never ends. There is alternative. Because the world HAS gone online, good old fashioned Direct Mail works! Why? Because no one gets ‘real’ mail anymore. You have zero competition! And what’s more real than a picture postcard? NOTE: What This Book is NOT about: this book in no way teaches you to send those ugly, tacky, pre-printed, glossy pictures of fast expensive cars or mansions, or YELLOW ‘print your own’ postcards. NO, NO, NO! If you are engaged in postcard marketing, buying glossy tacky ‘in your face’ MLM style postcards and mailing them out – or worse – paying to have them mailed out – I’ll show you a method that will increase your success by a massive amount – because I guarantee your message will be read if you use the method I teach. Or, if you are prospecting with one of those ‘print your own’ cards at the local Office Max, mailing out thousands until you’re broke by sending ugly cards – you will be so happy switching to my method because it will save you time, money, you’ll mail out less cards and get massive more results. Again, because I guarantee your prospect will read your message. I will show you a method that combines two of the most important recruiting factors for success in MLM: Mass Recruiting and Personalization And NO – this is not about using computer ‘hand writing fonts’!!! No, I’ll show you a method to recruit massively with postcards, in a very personalized way for your prospect to find it impossible to not read your message and make a call. This works.