I am Free: A Story About Attaining Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing (The Mentor Code)

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What makes network marketing different? Why is it such a powerful tool, and yet, so misunderstood? “My Name is (state your name), and I am Free” is a story about Dan. He’s a successful professional who’s put in the time and climbed the corporate ladder. He makes good money, lives in a big house and his family is happy…or so you think. Dan wants something more, something his job can’t give. Find out how a chance meeting with an old friend dispels Dan’s preconceptions and sets him on a path to freedom. **This is a short novel with a powerful message** Check out other books in the “My Name Is…” series: “I am a Writer” – amzn.com/B00F7U8OK6 “I am an Indie Author” – amzn.com/B00FNR8V4C