Magnetic Soulpreneur: How to build your network marketing business with heart and soul

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Magnetic Soulpreneur is a practical and inspiring guidebook for anyone wanting to build a thriving network marketing business from home.

Dr. Dana McGrady is a mom of three young children, a wife, a friend, and a top achiever in a growing wellness company. She discovered network marketing while working full time as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncturist in her three busy clinic locations. Attracted by the opportunity to earn residual income from home, she started network marketing as a side business.

Using her phone and laptop, Dana reached out to old and new friends on social media, sharing the product and business opportunity. With consistent effort, a burning passion, and the support of her upline mentor, Dana quickly rose up the ranks in her company’s pay plan. Using the power of events and community building, she grew a large customer base and a close team of business builders.

In Magnetic Soulpreneur, Dr. Dana McGrady will teach you how to:

• Use network marketing as a vehicle for living your best life

• Make healthy choices to naturally boost your energy and mood

• Harness the power of positive thinking that leads to focused action

• Create daily habits that fit your priorities, values, and lifestyle

• Support yourself with empowering beliefs and uplifting thoughts

• Attract your business partners with love and an abundance mindset

• Stay focused on your vision, while being grateful for where you are

“Magnetic Soulpreneur offers a fresh look at what it takes to build a significant income in network marketing. No more boring presentations or stuffy hotel meetings! Today you can become a successful home-based entrepreneur by making friends on social media, consistently providing value, and helping others achieve their goals. Dr. Dana McGrady, a Millennial mom of three, wrote Magnetic Soulpreneur to show you exactly how she did it. A fun and inspiring read full of practical advice!”

Dr. Josephine Gross, Editor in Chief, Networking Times