Millennials in Network Marketing: Crushing the World of Network Marketing: Millennial Leaders Share their Experiences, Insights and Wisdom

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“Millennials, you, me, us. We are the most socially connected generation to ever walk on planet earth.” “It would only make sense for us to figure out a different way to make money and live a more fulfilling and exciting life.” “When I saw Network Marketing, I saw freedom.” “When you find a Millennial with a ‘sick’ work ethic, they’re going to be your top performers.” “More Millennials are standing up each and every single day saying ‘I am ready to make a difference in my life.’” “People like to say we don’t have a good work ethic, but we have a very strong work ethic, we’re just extremely passionate people.” “The first thing I tell everybody is to have a powerful Millennial.” “We are the entire future of this industry.”

These are just a few short quotes from the seven figure earners featured in this book – yes, that’s seven-figure earners! Truly wise beyond their years, each laser-focused Millennial entrepreneur tells their powerful story with refreshing honesty, transparency and thoughtfulness.

If you are currently in the industry of Network Marketing, this book will completely change how you approach this coveted demographic. Understanding how they think, what motivates them and how to talk to them is crucial when prospecting a Millennial.

** Why they think Network Marketing is ideal for their age group
** What mistakes they feel unsuccessful distributors make
** Why they are so open to non-traditional businesses
** The wrong way older people try to prospect them
** Why culture is so important to them
** What they would need to hear to consider joining someone’s team

These ideas and so much more are addressed in these candid conversations.

Forget what you THINK you know about Millennials. These inspirational stories of determined young adults who dared to dive headfirst into the world of Network Marketing will motivate, educate and fascinate you.