My Network Marketing Success Journal

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Journal your way to increased network marketing success with this part diary, part planner, and idea and motivational journal. With “My Network Marketing Success Journal” you can record your plans, goals, strategies and dreams, track your skills development (including answering objections), jot down your ideas and inspiration, recount fun events, and, of course, record your successes! When one commits their plans, goals and strategies to paper, dreams get realized. “My Network Marketing Success Journal” provides a home for all of these and more in its 172 pages. There is also space to set out goals, both short-term and long-term, work on mindset and personal development, track skills development by coloring in progress bars, list helpful resources (with some classics already provided), record scripts for answering objections, refine the business presentation, work on leadership, team building, and social media strategies, recount fun events and rewards received, capture ideas and insights, and, of course, a section to celebrate success! Inspirational quotations are peppered throughout. The journal includes a variety of formats, including blank pages, lined sections, tables, progress bars to color in, and “idea bubbles.” Sections begin with a motivational preamble. All network marketers, from newbies to the pros, can benefit from this invaluable journal cum success tracker.