SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: PREMIUM EDITION: Proven Strategies for SUCCESSFUL marketing plans, build a business, and BOOST SALES (ANY Social Network!) (Social Media Series, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

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Running a small business? Starting a rock band?

Got a cool hobby and you want to promote your work? Or just showcase your lifestyle?

Then social media is a MUST for you.

With a program modelled after a potent combination of marketing school and real-world experience,

this book takes you on a fundamental approach to social media marketing.

Learn the core concepts of professional marketing, such as the Golden Cycle.

Get an edge in your social media campaigns.

Then, you have a chance to put all your newly-found skills together for your next social media marketing campaign!

The Core of Social Media

Learn what makes social media what it is.

Apply these skills to transition to ANY social media channel you want.

Is there a new social media name making headlines?

You will have the skills to be on top of it!

Premium Edition: Content Superstars

For those who want to take social media more seriously.

The Premium edition contains more material at your arsenal.

Become a content-creation superstar with more focus towards social media content – including photography school content and professional video tips.

Premium Edition: Brand Management

Your brand is what sets you apart from your uniform competitors.

The Premium edition includes an enhanced goal-setting section with your brand reputation as a focus.

How do you want to portray yourself and your business?

How do you stand out among your competitors?

You can plan it out today


  • How to use TECHNOLOGY to do your social media work for you
  • How to CAPTIVATE your audience with your content
  • Content with a Storyteller’s touch
  • How to check if your social media efforts are working or not
  • How NOT to waste time on Social Media
  • A Handy primer on Social Media Return on Investment
  • Content Creation: How to make it SPREAD like wildfire
  • Your REAL best times to posting on social media
  • A true guide to Authenticity Online
  • How to be more efficient with your social media work
  • What to do against negative people
  • Long-term planning for your social media campaign
  • Learn about Conversion Rates – and How to optimize them
  • and Much, much more!

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