STAND OUT: How to Get Noticed by the RIGHT People and Network Your Way to Achieving Your Goals

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It’s not about who you know…. it’s about who knows you.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “networking”? If you’re like we used to be, you probably think networking is a game of numbers. You hand out stacks of business cards, link with people on social media, and try to shotgun your resume to anyone and everyone you can. After all, knowing more people means having more contacts. And having more contacts gives you more potential and more opportunity, right? Well, here’s the problem…

Every other professional in the world is doing the exact same thing.

To stand out from the crowd, we have to change our perception of networking; emphasizing the quality of the relationships you grow with people, not just the quantity of them.

It’s less about picking up the spear for the hunt as it is about sewing the seeds for a future harvest. Our goal is to plant and nurture the seeds of success to grow the strongest, healthiest network.

In STAND OUT, we will show you, step by step, how to grow your very own network into a grove of opportunity.

For five years we’ve researched, discussed, and tested the various parts of this method to

•Land impressive careers
•Find expert mentors to help us pursue our goals
•Get invited to dinner parties of company executives, and
•Develop lifelong friendships

We combine our experiences and knowledge with the ideas of other top-selling success authors to provide you with a tried and true method of reaching YOUR goals. If you’re ready to get your hands in the dirt and put your life on the path to success, we invite you to join us in Chapter 1!