The Network Marketing Bible: How to make it in the modern American Economy

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The Network Marketing Bible – written by a successful online money-maker from a plethora of products – is the Authoritative work on the subject of how to make money by simply investing a few hours and a few dollars in order to make thousands of dollars per month in just a few months. Included is a Step By Step process of how to do the right kind of keyword research, how and where to create your web site based on your research and how to get attention from the search engines to be listed on the first page of Google and all the other search engines. This gets your business growing rapidly. But also included is the kind of business you want to be in today because in most cases there is so much competition online, you don’t have a chance to make any serious money unless you are in something where there is very little competition. This and many other concepts are explained and the reader is given a clear and simple path to achieve big money fast online. It must be noted that today, due to the global economy worsening daily there are a plague of opportunities out there today and fewer buyers to make these work. Every one claims to be the best and fastest way to make millions. Which ones do you choose? This book sorts through all of the noise and comes down with The Ten Commandments of Network Marketing and real opportunity which thou shalt not disobey without risking eternal poverty. The Author of this book – Michael Mathiesen – has three decades of making his living over the Internet and he has made great money and been highly successful marketing various products on the Web. However, today, due to the horrible economy and lack of real jobs that pay anything in America today, there are now millions of desperate Americans who need to pay their bills and feed their families and who are grasping at the first opportunity that comes their way. And so they are willing to say and do things that should never be said or done. Therefore, be careful – and JOIN only the best. And –