The Network Marketing Closer’s Guide: The Hottest Closing Scripts to Double Your Sales and Build Your Team Fast

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What’s the difference between you and the network marketing superstars?

They’re selling the same products as you. They have the same compensation plan. Are they just lucky?

It’s not luck, but skill—a skill you can learn and start applying TODAY.

That skill is simple:

The ability to remove fear.

Why aren’t people buying your products?

Fear—fear that they will spend too much, or they won’t get the results that they get with their current products, that the auto-ship will bill them without knowing.

Why aren’t they signing up to be on your team?

Fear—that their spouse will be mad, that they won’t be successful, that their friends may look down on them if they start direct selling.

This “magical” skill to remove fear and start supercharging your sales and team is called closing, and no one teaches this skill. Sure, you may get some “how to remove objections” training, but how do you apply this?

Let’s face it—those successful in direct sales either know how to close intuitively, or have learned how to do it over time through trial and error. Why wait? Become a sales expert in less than five minutes.

What if there were a book with scripts from some of the most successful sales professionals on the planet? What if those secret weapons taught by magnates like Grant Cardone and Warren Buffett were in your hands?

Better yet—what if these closing concepts were customized specifically for network marketing businesses?

You’re not a mortgage specialist or a car salesman. In fact, you have a more difficult job—you’re not only selling products, but a business opportunity!

In this guide, you’ll find:

–10 “Major Rules” to use in all of your contacts to experience more success getting customers and building your team

–Over 60 scripts to help you blast through objections, remove fear, and close deals with absolute confidence!

–A description of each close and why it works
–A sample script for how the close works in action for skincare products
–A sample script for how the close works in action for skincare business opportunities

Maybe you’re thinking: Yuck! Closing is for sleazy salesmen

Wrong again. Your kids close you on what they want for dinner. Your husband closes you when he skips doing the dishes to play golf. You close your friends on where to go shopping. It happens every day. Every day, you’re either closing or being closed. It’s not a skill for salesman—it’s a skill for life!


The book helps you supercharge your team! One way to remove fear is to give them a plan. The scripts in the book are repeatable. You use them, your direct team uses them, your whole downline uses them, and the entire team experiences a drastic increase in sales volume.

What are you waiting for?

You’re used to 99 cent books in the Kindle store, but priced at 2.99, this guide pays for itself many times over the very first time a script closes a sale for you. The best tactical information we could assemble into an easy-to-use format made the cut. No filler, no fluff. Just hardcore closing scripts.

Check it out today and transform your business.