The Prospecting Game: How to Follow-Up & Sponsor with Confidence, Turning Rejection into Success in Network Marketing

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You have a great opportunity and some fantastic products. You give an impressive presentation to your best prospect. And your prospect says, “NO”.

The Prospecting Game helps you understand why this is an important part of the journey, and not the end of the world. In fact, it’s part of the game.

In this book, you will learn exactly how to approach people, how to answer awkward questions with confidence and how to handle prospects who don’t join immediately.

You will see how to stay in touch with them, improve your friendships, and enjoy building your network marketing business. The good news is – yes, network marketing can be built with compassion, politeness, and a deep concern for others. And no, you don’t have to be high-pressure salesperson, a bully or a walk-on-water superstar to succeed.

Discover the basic business-building techniques in this book and get ready to improve your financial future immediately.

“Wes has put together something powerful here. I hope you make the most of it.” Randy Gage, New York Times Best Selling author of Mad Genius

“I recommend Wes’s first book, 79 Network Marketing Tips, to all my team and especially to new starters and I have no doubt I will be doing the same with this book.” Natalie Heeley, Network Marketing Leader

“The Prospecting Game offers a road map to long-lasting success that is very structured, practical and duplicable.” Dave O’Connor, Author of How To Create The Mindset of A Network Marketing Champion