From Zero To Hero: How To Make Money In Your First Year Of Network Marketing With A Proven 8 Step System

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Here’s a special message for every Network Marketer who needs to build their business, but hasn’t nailed the duplication part yet…

If you want to succeed with network marketing, then pay very close attention!

Many Network marketers mistakenly believe they’ll get rich overnight, with little effort and it will be easy…

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Introducing “From Zero To Hero” – a breakthrough new network marketing book that helps you*

  • Replace your full time income using PROVEN steps in your home based business
  • Use this step by step system to create duplication in your team
  • Know exactly what to do in your network marketing business
  • Realise that not only is this a tool for your own professional development, but it becomes a coaching tool for your newest business partners

    If you and your team follow these steps it will make your business more automated and you can always refer back to it when doing coaching and training, which means you can use more of your time to prospect new contacts…. and more!

    Now you never have to deal with not knowing what to do again! This means no more fear of failure and doing it wrong [which often causes people to freeze and stop taking action in their business]That can often put people off sticking with the business long enough to experience success. Not any more.

    And best of all… you’ll start seeing results with “From Zero To Hero” from day one.

    So if you’re a new network marketer who wants to build a good team, keep these three facts in mind:

    * When people join a network marketing business they think they can do it, they think they will manage, but very quickly they realise, even though this is a simple business, it’s not an easy business to do. Having this book takes the guesswork out, it’s a straightforward guide of what to do and when to do it.

    * The world is growing online more and more rapidly than ever – traditional business is moving online, traditional jobs no longer hold the safety and security they used to. You cannot guarantee your job will still be available tomorrow! Use this book to assist your journey in becoming a network marketing professional.

    * Take action now – you are here because you are looking for something new, the next level…

    You already know what hasn’t worked for you, it’s time to find out how to leverage an online home-based business using the network marketing industry. Our industry does $200 Billion per year; that’s bigger than the NFL, Music Industry, Movie Industry, and Gaming Industry. It’s time you got a piece of that pie!

    “From Zero To Hero” from Christopher Peacock holds the key to your success with network marketing.

Publisher:Independently published (6 Oct. 2020)
Paperback:181 pages
Dimensions:15.24 x 1.04 x 22.86 cm